Gaming has come a long way since the days of Space Invaders and Pac-Man, when becoming a pro meant getting the top score at the local arcade. Electronic games (eGames), are organized video game competitions with cash rewards that are rapidly increasing in popularity as more gamers become fierce pro competitors.

Professional eGaming has now become a viable means of income for many people across the world. It is a highly competitive industry and not everyone can make the cut. Unlike nonprofessional or amateur gaming, professional gaming requires an intense level of skill, practice, dedication and talent; it’s not all fun and games.

With enough commitment and the right approach, you can become one of the best gamers out there. Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Build Your Online Profile and Join The Community

The more you connect with gaming enthusiasts, the more likely you are to be known in the competitive gaming community. Establishing your online presence and building a strong online profile can help you go a long way. Set up an online profile that reflects your interests and skills, regularly update your main social media channels and let people know when you’re streaming your gameplay.

Although pro gaming is about individual talent, it’s also about being a team player and getting involved in the community. Network with other players and fans and maintain the connection by doing things like interviews, gameplay commentating videos, game reviews and participating in forum discussions. Know the rules of the gaming group you choose and keep an eye out for tournaments and conventions where you can meet popular players in the game you’re trying to specialize in.

Pick Your Game

If you want to become a professional gamer, choose a game that you love to specialize in, over a game you’re good at; you don’t want to get stuck playing a game you hate for hours on end, so make sure it’s one you won’t get bored too easily. By choosing a game that you actually enjoy, then you’ll be more likely to improve your skills.

You have the chance to do what you love as a job; so make sure that you actually love what you’re doing!

Gear Up

You need equipment that allows you to practice and properly showcase your skills against the competition. It would definitely be great to have the hottest equipment, but the most important thing is to choose ones with the right performance that suits your lifestyle.

Many gamers have low budget setups that they use to stream live from their consoles. To ensure clear communication, whether it’s with teammates or an audience, you will need a good quality microphone or headset.

A customizable desktop that you can continuously upgrade, will help ensure that you have the most up-to-date hardware for your ever evolving games if you are a PC gamer.


As with almost all things in life, practice makes perfect. With eGames, it’s crucial to study the best tactics, watch a lot of gameplay, and learn how to lose; even when you lose, you’re practicing.

Being a pro, requires that you commit a large amount of your time, the top eGames players practice as much as ten hours a day. Surely, basic skills and natural talent may have something to do with being a pro eGamer, but it won’t make up for lack of practice. Work on your weaknesses, learn your strengths, and try to improve on the flaws in your game play.

Practice with friends, teammates, or bots. Practice however you want, you can always learn no matter who you play with or against.

Enter Tournaments

Test your skills in as many local, online and live tournaments as possible. Once you’ve built a reputation as a serious pro gamer, you can start entering tournaments; either singles or with a team.

Local and LAN tournaments can prepare you for competing in live events, by teaching you to play under pressure in unfamiliar environments.

Winning at live events establishes your status as a pro, bringing you not only respect, but also money and sponsorship. Pro gamers can greatly benefit from sponsors who provide the necessary equipment to compete, so make sure you have some statistics or a track record of your gaming, channels and platforms.

Stay Centered

Being a professional gamer means being part of a bigger community and having a reputation to uphold. This means that what you do or say will be remembered for quite some time. Bad comments or behavior like cheating could get you banned and ruin your career, understand that you’re going to lose and that losing is a part of the path to becoming a better player and be mindful of what you say and how you react when triggered.

As much as the importance of practice for success was emphasized, you need to be able to balance your life outside of the game. A Social life and human connections are vastly important for your well-being, and that’s why even gaming professionals at Vulkanbet strongly advise against using online games as a means of distraction from life’s problems or neglecting your social environment in favor of gaming. Remember to always stay humble and connected and try to center yourself, especially when you’re under a lot of pressure.

In recent years not only have eGames become more common, but there is also a growing market for gamers to be able to make a living through competing professionally. Becoming a pro gamer is serious business; it takes time, skill, dedication and determination to win. Find a game you’re good at, practice and compete all you can build your reputation as a skilled player and remember, games are supposed to be fun, even when played professionally.